Preparing for an electric vehicle future

Does your staff know the basic safety precautions required during the repair process? Does your shop have the right tools and equipment for these vehicles? If you aren’t planning for how you will address these repairs today, you’ll likely be playing catch-up or unable to take some jobs as these vehicles flood the marketplace in the coming year.

  • More than 10 million electric vehicles were on the world’s roads in 2020 with battery electric models driving the expansion.

  • Worldwide, close to 370 electric car models were available in 2020, a 40% increase from 2019.

  • Some OEMs plan to completely reconfigure their product lines to produce only electric vehicles by as early as 2030.

Meet EVA

EVA is our AI-infused Electronic Vehicle Assistant, your ambassador to answering the various questions, concerns, and challenges relating to electric vehicles and EV safety.

EV Academy Level I: What You'll Learn

  • EV Terminology

    What is a high voltage electric vehicle? What are the functioning high voltage components in electric vehicles?

  • EV vs. Internal Combustion Engine

    EV vs. ICE cost breakdown and its effects on EV adoption

  • EV Shop Safety Basics

    Workshop safety guidelines, protection against EV voltage, protective gear and equipment, charging basics.

Some of Our Clients

Our in-house instructional design team specializes in creating electric vehicle training programs and hybrid vehicle courses for world-class automakers, OEMs, and technology leaders.

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See how our unique mix of skills and approach to training helped Volkswagen get their employees EV ready.